Minecraft Multiplayer

Minecraft brief world map generated by Dynmap
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Server address: yude.jp

Version: 1.17


The following applies in addition to yude.jp Terms of Service:

  • You can build your house / facility / etc. anywhere in the world.
  • Don't troll.
  • Don't cheat.

Part of the list of available commands ()

  • /ll: Switch the visibility of spawn checker.
  • /mvspawn: Teleport to spawn point of the world you're in.

Convenient functionalities

Bulk destruction

You can destroy wood logs and ore blocks at once by destroying with sneaking.\

Block protection

You can protect your chests, doors, furnaces, etc. by pasting sign like the image below.
You can also create a shared block by writing the player ID across multiple lines.
Chest Protection


You can use skills powered by mcMMO.


You can warp to registered points. To show registered points, run /warps. To warp, run /warp <name>.

Game specifications

  • keepInventory is true, which means you won't drop inventory on death.

Facility introduction

Shrine (by shirachan_1204)


Iron Golem Trap (by yude & kuwazi_)

Iron Golem Trap

Huge field (by yude & kuwazi_)

Huge field

Giant sugar cane field (by yude)

Giant sugar cane field

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